Singapore zoo heals animals with Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture for Elephants!

Animals and Acupuncture?

Animals receiving acupuncture!
Animals receiving acupuncture!

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine works, there is no doubt about that.  Often there is talk about the placebo effect, however, this really gets squashed when we talk about healing and animals.  Animals are not aware if the therapy that is being performed is good for them, bad for them or has any impact on their systems.  They are generally speaking known to be free from placebo effects.

This is great news for the Singapore Zoo who have been using Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine on their animals when Western Biomedicine has failed to achieve the results that they were after.

Around 200 animals, including giraffes, elephants, horses, pythons and sea lions, have successfully been treated with acupuncture and traditional herb-based Chinese medicine in the past decade, although Western medicine remains the first line of treatment in the zoo.

“The Western medicine did not always work, so we had to find other solutions,” Oh Soon Hock, a senior veterinarian at the zoo told Reuters on Friday.

Seeing an elephant getting acupuncture is quite an amazing phenomenon. We are seeing more uses for veterinarian acupuncture both at Zoo’s and specialised VETs treating our furry friends.  Dogs with spinal issues have benefited from acupuncture as well as cats and horses.  Horse acupuncture is becoming more popular as Horse owners recognise the benefits acupuncture offers.  When our pets have acupuncture needles inserted into their body they often calm down, relax and don’t move around much.  Animals will just sit there and enjoy the experience as a lot of people do too.  If you have an animal that requires Acupuncture there are often registered veterinarians in your city or town that can offer this service for your pets and loved ones.


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