Hobbies Metaphysics Some Major Arcana cards from the Tarot.
Some Major Arcana cards from the Tarot.

I have numerous hobbies and have been studying topics relating to metaphysics including Tarot, Astrology and the Qabalah.  Tarot, Qabalah and Astrology has been a passion of mine for about 25 years.  There has always been a special focus on the various ways to incorporate these into our daily life and make it practical.  This has always been particularly important for me.


Tarot cards are useful tools that is commonly associated with fortune telling, however there are numerous uses for these cards.  This ranges from story telling, mnemonic memorisation techniques, life lessons, spiritual development, subconscious cues and many more.  The random nature of the cards and their symbolic meanings can play into the unconscious mind.  This can allow us to view situations or events from a different perspective.

Astrology is something I have always found fascinating.  You can look at astrology in many different ways and through various perspectives.  In some instances it is simply a way of looking at your interactions with the various types of people around you.  How you can create a rapport with people you may not usually connect with on a fundamental level.  It also has a range from helping with the timings of specific events to the optimum time to plant or garden.

Qabalah is a mystical framework that originally comes from Judaic origins, however its flexibility allows most religious philosophies to use its system to explain and expand on its own understandings.

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