Astrological charts can be a useful tool to gain an insight into a range of topics including aspects like your personality, relationship or what are the themes for your upcoming year.

I am often asked about the Star Signs included in newspapers or the simple coffee-table books on astrology.  Unfortunately, Astrology is more in depth then the simple star signs you see in your local newspaper or on TV.  These astrology snippets are very generalised and do not take into consideration your entire astrological chart or make up.  They only seem to focus on a very generalised Sun Sign, or your main astrological sign.  This is why these superficial astrology books are often not looked upon favourably by anyone that has studied even the simplest astrology.  They are an excellent starting point for people interested in learning astrology, but only barely skim the surface of this topic.

A full Astrological chart is made from your date of birth, the time you were born and the exact location of your birth.  These variables will change the position of the planets in your chart and impact the outcome, reading or summary presented.

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This includes your zodiac sun sign, the planets in our solar system and their associated signs, your rising sign (if you supplied your time of birth) and the graphic wheel.  You can then use that information to start researching your own astrology chart and exploring how each planet may impact your life or surroundings.

Sample Basic Astrology wheel for Whoopi Goldberg!
Sample Basic Astrology wheel for Whoopi Goldberg!

You can receive a FULL 20+ page Modern Natal Astrology Report for $25 this includes your Astrology Wheel, plus an analysis of all your planets and how they impact your life.  The report includes:

  • A brief introduction to the concepts of astrology.
  • Life Goals – the Sun and Jupiter.
  • Home – the Moon.
  • Education and Communication – Mercury.
  • Relationships – Venus.
  • Motivation – Mars.
  • Career – Saturn.
  • Creativity and Originality – Uranus and Neptune.
  • Challenges in Life – Pluto.
  • Purpose and Joy – The Ascendant (or Rising Sign).
  • Conclusion

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Modern Report for Johnny Depp!
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You can receive a FULL 20+ Page Solar Returns Report For $35 which evaluates and interprets the major themes for the forthcoming birthday year.  The report includes:

  • An Introduction to Solar Returns explaining the concept of an annual forecast birthday chart.
  • This Year’s Major Theme (The Ascendant, Sun in House, Sun Ruling House, Aspects to Sun)
  • This Year’s Personal Matters (Moon in House, Moon in Sign, Aspects to Moon, Venus in House, Venus in Sign, Aspects to Venue)
  • This Year’s Challenges (Mars in House, Aspects to Mars, Uranus in House, Pluto in House)
  • This Year’s Lessons (Mercury in House, Mercury in Sign, Aspects to Mercury, Jupiter in House, Aspects to Jupiter, Saturn in House, Aspects to Saturn)
  • This Year’s Journey (Neptune in House, Aspects to North Node)

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Solar Returns Report for Johnny Depp
Click on the image above for a full sample Solar Returns Report!

Both of these reports have been created so that it can be easily understood by both the general public and astrologers alike. Professional astrologer Stephanie Johnson has designed and wrote the reports with illustrations by artist Janet Bridgland.

Note: All Astrology and Tarot services are considered a curio and are for entertainment purposes only.