Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete complementary medical system and is built on the foundations of ancient traditional concepts which is then applied to the human body.

The system of Traditional Chinese Medicine is based upon concepts that are pre-scientific, they pre-date modern scientific thought.  When learning or discussing Traditional Chinese Medicine we still use the Traditional Chinese terms used to describe the body or the practice of this medicine.  This includes the concepts of Yin and Yang (or dual force), Qi (Energy, life force, air), the five elements and the traditional terms relating to the body which ranges from organs such as the Spleen and Stomach, to external influence like Wind, cold or heat.

Wu Xing or Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine
The Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This does not mean that the system is not scientific, quite the opposite, it is a system that could be described as proto-scientific or a truly traditional therapy based on traditional concepts that can be traced back in China for thousands of years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is not solely limited to the history of China.  Throughout the centuries medical texts or skills have been traded and passed onto Japan, Korea and other parts of Asia forming the range of practices contained within Traditional East Asian Medicine (or TEAM for short).

Developed in China, Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on theories and traditions that have been used for over 2,000 years.  This can include herbal medicine, acupuncture, tui na (massage), cupping, gua sha (spooning), qi gong (moving exercises) and diet therapy.

At the core of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the premise that you must treat the root cause of an illness not its subsequent symptoms.  It is holistic in its approach, treating the whole person through taking into consideration an individuals mind, body, spirit and emotions.

The philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine includes a strong focus on maintaining wellness by harmonizing and strengthening your energy systems before you become ill.

The concepts and terminology of Traditional Chinese Medicine can be looked at in numerous ways.  It can be viewed philosophically as an overlay for the human body and a tried and tested method to determine the treatment method, protocols and acupuncture points appropriate for each individual coming in for acupuncture.